Thistledown Produce


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Please choose from:

Yoghurt approx 500ml

Labneh approx 400g

Marinated Olives approx 250g

Seville Orange Marmalade approx 250g

White Cabbage & Caraway Sauerkraut approx 200g

Pickle Selection (5 of our own pickles and chutneys)

Fruit & Nut Granola approx 500g

Pistachio Dukkah (Egyptian nut, seed and spice mix) approx 50g

Za’atar (sesame, oregano and sumac spice mix) approx 50g

Panch Phoron (Indian roasted spice mix) approx 50g

Preserved Organic Lemon approx 115g

Thistledown Washed Salad approx 200g

Ailsa Craig Tomato Plant x 1 (ready to plant out)


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